Kierra Carr

Kierra Carr

Kierra Carr received her master’s degree in Marriage, Couples and Family Counseling at the University of South Carolina and a bachelor’s degree in Journalism at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Kierra is also a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate and a member of the American Counseling Association.

Kierra's approach and overall goal as a counselor is to explore various counseling techniques that suit each individual. She believes in the theory that every person is unique and that it’s her responsibility to adjust to each client’s needs regardless of their age, race and/or gender. Her tendency is to focus on the emotions an individual is experiencing and exploring how it impacts the other areas of a client’s life. She believes emotions are one of the driving factors in a person’s decision-making process and actions so it’s important to focus on it. Kierra's passion is to guide and support every person who chooses to walk through her door and that they come out a more confident and independent person than when they came.

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Licensed Professional Counselor Associate


University of Wisconsin Oshkosh


University of South Carolina